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10 Reasons to be Cheerful in the Worst Week of the Year

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Why is this week supposedly considered to be the most dispirited few days of the year? Well, the fact that this is the poorest time of the year for most households is definitely a major reason, but there are other factors that would also contribute to these findings.

Christmas and the New Year has ended and that will feel like an anti climax to some. There is little doubt that this can be a financial and emotional drain on many of us and it’s not so easy to recover. Now we have Valentine’s day to look forward to- yippee!

Sorry if this article sounding a bit ‘bah humbug’ – is that a proper term post Christmas? Well it’s my blog and I want to use it!

So why should we not feel depressed and downhearted? PaydayLoan123 want to give our readers 10 arbitrary reasons to be cheerful because life is too short to be depressed and feel sorry for ourselves.

1) The Pressure of Christmas is Over

If you are upset that the festive season is over and look forward to that time of the year, then you still have 338 shopping days left until Christmas. So you can get started right now and the sales are still on!

2) Blue Monday is Behind Us

Blue Monday was earlier this week on January 19. Monday blues are bad enough , but so called ‘experts’ predicted it to be  the gloomiest day of the year. Well it’s over now so we can move on and forget it.

3) Days are Starting to Get Longer

Now the header doesn’t sound too appealing I know, but the days are getting longer in a good way. They’re staying lighter for longer and later (that’s a bit of a mouthful). The clocks go forward in a few weeks time and we’ll be coming home in lighter surroundings hopefully feeling brighter with spring just around the corner.

4) Oil Prices are Falling

The tumbling oil price has considerably reduced the price of petrol and diesel as Britain has already recorded it’s first petrol station selling fuel at under the £1 landmark. 

Leading energy suppliers have now eventually agreed to pass on the lower wholesale prices to the consumer in a few weeks time which will help the average UK household tremendously. Meanwhile Saudi Arabia appear to be in no immediate hurry to squeeze supply in order to hike the price of oil back up as they have indicated they can handle the current price for years to come.

5) Interest Rates are Still at Their Lowest

The biggest expense for home owners is probably their monthly mortgage premium and for some time now the media have had a field day speculating when rates will begin to rise. Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney has appeared to be as transparent as possible to the British public, but the UK economy is an unpredictable route to forecast. However, interest rates have remained at 0.5% and the competition for mortgages has increased significantly .More lenders have introduced more longer term fixed rate offers giving a much wider choice to the borrower.   


6) Stamp Duty Will Cost Less for Most of Us

Chancellor George Osborne reformed the stamp duty rates and announced the changes last month. The reformed system means that anyone purchasing a property in the UK priced up to £937,000 will pay less to the Treasury than they would have before the changes came into force.

7) Inflation Down to 0.5%

Last month inflation fell to it’s lowest on record helped considerably by the plummeting oil prices. Mark Carney indicated that this could be a factor in keeping interest rates on hold for even longer.   

8) Good Time to Find a New Job

This could possibly the best time of the year to hunt for that ideal role in the right firm if you’re bored or had enough in your current one. Now is a good time to search because companies are more receptive and likely to fill their vacant positions as they look for more improved and skilled employees. So start looking for those job opportunities!

9) Home Insurance Premiums Have Dropped

According to the latest British Insurance Premium Index released by the AA, home insurance combined buildings and contents policies have come down by an average of almost £20 in the last 12 months and are continuing to fall.

10) The New Payday Loan Regulations Have Started

The FCA have been regulating the financial industry since last April and the new lower rates on payday loans came into force on 2nd January and are now capped at a daily rate of 0.8%.   Getting a short term loan in the last week before payday is a good time to get one. If you have made it this far, then interest will be lower than if you’d had to resort to one earlier in the month.

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David Griffin David Griffin trained as a graphic designer and now helps PaydayLoan123 with social media. He is a born and bred Londoner who has recently moved out of the capital and is probably missing it a little too much. He enjoys fishing, playing golf and working out at the gym, when he feels energetic enough!

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