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Breaking Bad (habits) this New Year 

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Breaking Bad 1

It’s that time of the year again. Once more we make those new year’s resolutions with all good intent at the time, but struggle more and more to keep to them as time elapses.

So why is it so hard to not break a promise that we make to ourselves? A resolution that we know is for our own good, whether it’s for the benefit of our health or to save us money. We just cannot stay resolute (being the operative word) as our enthusiasm starts to wane.

Maybe we are giving up something that we need too much and we probably use it as a crutch that helps us through life. And perhaps after removing it completely from our lives we are not replacing it with anything else. Here are some of the more common choices that many of us make in the new year and some ideas we can substitute them with in order to see them through.

Stop Smoking

Smoking used to be considered as a ‘sociable habit’, but personally I have only ever heard that referral from smokers! Even if that was the case a while ago, it certainly has become anything but ‘social’ since then. Laws have changed and the ever changing stricter regulations will only make thing even more difficult for smokers to continue as they are.

It is a well known fact that quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to achieve because the drug that the body gets used to is so addictive.

Let’s look at replacing a smoking habit with e-cigarettes or ‘vaping’. Even though e-cigarettes have been around for a while now, they are still reasonably new to the market and are yet to be fully regulated. However, they are progressing all the time and according to the NHS, they will be licensed and regulated next year to help smokers quit.   

They are provided with a chargeable battery, an atomiser and a form of  liquid nicotine cartridge. As you draw on the it, you will exhale a water vapour instead of puffing out smoke from a cigarette.

The cartridge is easily replaced as each one is emptied and there are different strengths of nicotine content in each one. The idea is that you get used to lowering the strength as gradually as you need to in your own time, thus taking away the pressure of having to stop completely.

On another plus point, this form of ‘letting off steam’ is now being considered as quite a sociable pastime. There are vape cafes branching up in many cities across the country.  


Losing weight is always way up there on the top of that new year’s list. Crash diets and fad diets may sound like a good idea at the time, but it probably is not. 

There are consequences of losing weight too quickly and that is why doctors recommend a slower rate in weight loss.

Breaking Bad

Of course there are exceptions to the rule in certain circumstances e.g. critical health issues or extreme obesity. In general though, trying to shed pounds too quickly is very difficult to keep up and may not give you the results that you desire.

Even though quick weight loss may make you feel great because you’re seeing instant results, more often than not you will also lose lean tissue (which is not a good thing), because burning fat calories too fast within a short space of time is very difficult to do.

Therefore it makes more sense to try and change your eating lifestyle. That doesn’t mean a continual diet, it means getting your palate used to a different taste. 

A few simple examples: change fizzy drinks to water, cut out butter whenever you can – either replace it with something more healthy or get used to the taste without. Replace white bread with something more healthy like wholemeal – there are some great tasting healthier options out there. 

It may sound drastic, but you’ll be amazed how quickly you can become used to it or even prefer it. Therefore, instead of putting too much pressure on yourself by dieting, just change your eating habits slightly – either a bit at a time or a bit more than that!

Excercising and Going to the Gym 

Exercise goes hand in hand with losing weight. But how many of us pay a lot of money for a gym membership, but hardly ever use it? It may become reduntant for months before you even realise the money that’s been wasted.

So remember that taking up a new membership is great if you are going to use it and keep it up, but there are other ways of taking gym classes. If you want to join a gym class without getting committed into a contract try Pay as u Gym and just enter your postcode.  

If you cannot be bothered going to a gym, then there are small everyday habits that are worth trying. Don’t use a lift when you have the option of a staircase! Don’t drive around the corner to post that letter or pick up a pint of milk! Give yourself a reason in your own mind to walk from A to B instead of using another means of transport.

Lunches at Work

Work starts again on Monday for most of us and buying takeaway lunches can add up to a small fortune. Apart from that we are not always in control of the pre packed goodies that we buy from the shops. Also when we go out to buy our lunch after standing in queues, how many times are we tempted to buy that extra something that we know we can really do without?

Okay then – the obvious choice is making our own. However, that always sounds like a good idea, but it soon becomes mundane and boring when it comes down to it. So let’s try and make it more interesting! 

Buy some tupperware containers from your local pound shop or anywhere else for that matter if you don’t already own some. Use any tools that you can within your workplace e.g. fridge, oven, microwave, cutlery and crockery. Don’t worry if there is none of the above. A thermal flask can be really handy if you have no oven and take care to store your food in a cold place if you have no fridge.

Keep an assortment of condiments that you like at your work. This will make your lunches tastier and make you look forward to them even more. If you like sandwiches, then buy some fresh bread and create your own personal lovely filling.

Friends and Family

This particular author has his own personal new year’s resolution. Nowadays in this ever progressing world of technology, it can be a two edged sword. 

Social media, mobile phones, texting, etc. should make it far easier to stay in touch with those that we care for. Yet it is far too simple to bury our heads into other insignificant things and keep the important ones on hold for much too long.

So my resolution is simply to make that personal call before they are long overdue, or just send a message at the right time to let that particular loved one know that I care about them.

PaydayLoan123 are always open to new ideas, so please send in any suggestions that you have and we will post it on our blog.

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Peter Davis Peter Davis is a Marketing Analyst at PaydayLoan123 specialising in financial products. Peter writes most of our articles as he stays up to date with the latest information. He enjoys most sports, particularly playing football and watching his favourite football team. Peter really like his food too as we have all witnessed first hand!

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