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Christmas On A Budget

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A Very Merry Cheap Christmas

Christmas. A time where children squeal with happiness and adults wail with misery … well maybe that’s a bit strong, but there is definitely an audible sigh of foreboding … whatever that sounds like. Now, the reason for the sighing is that Christmas can turn very expensive, very quickly, especially if you are not prepared. Get prepared now. Christmas may seem like a way off, but if you start preparing now, you might save yourself loads in the long run. Look at the infographic and read the rest of this article for some great tips on how to save this year.


Have You Thought about Growing your Own Tree?…

Buy in advance. This is the trick. Many people, every year will rush to the shops in the penultimate week of December and try and get the last of the supermarket’s stocks of things they could have bought in September/October. Look, why not buy the non-perishables now? Crisps and nuts, chocolates and sweets, wine and spirits, napkins and crackers, etc, etc. Get these things now and you’ll be fine.

Obviously, growing your own tree would be a bit impossible in a few months, however, why not buy now, off season? This, of course, only works if you don’t buy real ones. Off season is a great time to stock up on lights, decorations, and crackers as they’re usually a lot, lot cheaper than they will be in December.

Cheap Labour…

Let’s draft in the family. You had kids for a reason. This reason is not because they bring endless joy to your life, no. Can’t quite afford fancy decorations? Why not pop into a craft store and buy the necessary ingredients for cheap and get your kids (with adult supervision, I should add) to make it themselves. It might add a nice touch to the decorations, plus your kids will love it.

The Gifts

The gifts can sometimes be the most expensive aspect of Christmas and so you need to be careful here. I’ve got a few suggestions that might help you out:

– It really is the thought that counts. A lot of people will just be happy you thought of them and wanted to get them something, even if it’s something small … and cheap.

Food gifts? If it’s good enough for Nigella Lawson, it’s good enough for you.

– The internet is a gift from above. There are so many cheap deals to be found online. Why not have a search for some great – cheap – gifts.

The Food

We’ve covered food a little, but here’s some more hints and tips:

– A bit risky, but shops practically give turkeys away on Christmas eve so go then and see if you can get a deal … obviously you might end up with nothing, though.

– Boxing Day is best. Christmas now a days usually lasts for a few days, so why not pop back out on Boxing Day and restock – Boxing Day deals as well!

Hope all this helped. Have a wonderful (and reasonably inexpensive) Christmas, everyone!

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