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Grabbing a Bargain on eBay with a Payday Loan

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Borrowing money to buy something frivolous is seldom a good idea but what if you have the chance to snap up a genuine bargain and save far more than a short-term loan would cost you in interest? If this is the case, it could well be worth investigating the finance options that are available to you. A payday loan, which enables you to make a winning bid on a mid-month auction and pay for it when your salary arrives, is quite simple to arrange for people in full-time or part-time regular employment and could be the easiest solution if a credit card or overdraft is out of the question.

Finding those elusive bargains

If you have the finance sorted but you are finding it hard to pin down a bargain on the internet’s most famous auction site, try following the tips below to increase your chances of striking gold.

Use a spelling mistake checker – one of the best ways to pick up a real bargain on eBay is by finding listings with misspelled titles. These attract far less bids than they otherwise would, simply because hardly anybody can find them. There are a number of such tools online that you can use for free to track down these elusive bargains, such as BayCrazy and Fatfingers.

Use eBay alerts – if you are after something rare that seldom comes up for auction, you can make sure that you do not miss any relevant listings by creating an alert. Simply search for whatever it is that you would like to buy, then click the “follow this search” link that appears in green at the top of the results.

Search completed items – in eBay’s advanced search options, you will find a checkbox for “completed items”. Use this option to search for items that have already been sold to check the going rate for whatever it is that you are trying to find. Once you have a good idea what people are paying, you will be able to avoid overbidding when you do find something up for sale that you really want.

Don’t ignore “Buy It Now” listings – many people think that the only way to find a bargain on sites such as eBay is to limit their searches to items that are up for auction. However, it is often possible to pick up a bargain by searching through listings with a fixed price too. A good proportion of these give prospective buyers the option of making an offer, which can lead to some really good deals. You might be surprised at just how little some sellers are willing to take.

Use sniping tools – bidding for items early is always a bad idea as it only alerts other bidders to your intentions and encourages them to make competing bids. A much better approach is to wait until the very last moment before placing a bid for the highest amount you are willing to pay. To save you the bother of having to sit there watching the closing times of every item in which you are interested, you can use automatic sniping tools to do all the hard work for you. If nobody else bids, you will win the item at the minimum bid and if others are trying the same tactics as you, you could still win if your highest bid is more than theirs.

Stick with sensible high bid limits – following on from the above point, you can avoid getting carried away and overpaying for something in a bidding war by entering your highest bid as your first and only bid. Whether you take the advice above and wait until the last minute or bid as soon as you see something you like, this approach will ensure that you never pay more than you think something is worth.

Search for late night auctions – look for listings that finish in the middle of the night as they often attract less bids than those that finish in the daytime or early evening.

Check other sites – if you are primarily using eBay to hunt for bargains, don’t forget to check the prices of the items you are looking for on other sites too. Whilst it is possible to find some real bargains on eBay, it isn’t always the cheapest place on the internet. Use shopping robots to crawl the web and find the best prices for the items in which you are interested.

Check out local listings – it is always a good idea to have a look at what has been listed by local sellers who specify “pick up only” as such auctions will attract very few, if any, bids from out-of-towners. You could land yourself a real bargain simply by exercising your knowledge of local geography.

Ask for a discount – if you spot a “Buy It Now” listing without a ”Make an Offer” option for something that you are keen to buy, send a private message to the seller and ask if they would be willing to accept less than the advertised price. Many sellers will dismiss your request out of hand but some will be willing to accept, especially if your offer is a reasonable one. To maximise the odds of a favourable outcome, always be polite when sending messages of this nature and don’t make ridiculous offers that are far too low.

Biding Your Time

All of the above tips could help you to secure some great deals on eBay and other auction sites but the real key to finding bargains is patience. If you have been searching for something for weeks or even months, it can be very tempting to bid far more than you normally would on an auction when you finally find what you are looking for. Even if you are bidding on relatively rare vintage items, it is important to remember that there will nearly always be other opportunities to purchase the items in question: paying over the odds is rarely worthwhile.

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