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New Year, New Job, New You? 

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Tired or fed up of your existing job, or just looking for that first opportunity to help you step on the ladder after leaving school or college? 

Well it just so happens that now is the perfect time to search for that ideal vacancy that you’ve been waiting for.

Why is Now Such a Great Time to Look for a Job?

What a contrast a matter of few weeks can make for finding work. Employers and recruitment agencies  are very aware of the ‘New Year’s Resolution’ job seeker and are more likely to want to hook them in around this time of the year.

However, before last month’s festive season there was a completely different atmosphere as companies and employees slow down or switch off completely. 

Basically now is a good time to get out there and start looking for the many new available work positions that are on offer.

How Many People Search to Find New Roles at this Time of Year and What are the Reasons?

There are no official figures to find the answer to this question, but it is broadly estimated that more than half of the UK population is unhappy in their current employment and would like to find a new position elsewhere. Obviously though not all of them choose to be active enough to do something about it, but the majority of the ones that are tend to search within working hours.

The most popular reasons for being dissatisfied or unhappy and wanting to change their work roles are:

– Looking for a higher salary

– Achieving not enough job satisfaction in what they are doing

– Want to further their career and feel there is no opportunity to advance in the position they are in

– Their current job is too stressful

– Do not like or do not get on with their associates or current employer

– Too much travelling and want to find employment nearer to where they live

– Not happy with the hours they currently operate in


So Where Are the Best Places to Look?

Be prepared to put in the research, time and effort required to find that perfect vacancy that exists for you. Contact recruitment agencies either online or phone. If you are a member of Linkedin, spend some time looking around and discover how you can put yourself out there to be contacted for new positions. If you are not already a member, then now’s the time to sign up.

There are lots of job board websites online. One of many is You simply enter the location you’re looking for and key it in along with the radius of miles that you’re prepared to travel. Enter the type of employment that you require and upload your CV.

If you have an expertise in a particular field, you may prefer to enter the search term  into Google and see what comes up.  

How Do I Write a Good CV?

A CV may be the first thing an employer looks at before deciding if he or she would like to take it any further. Very often they will look through many at once and if it just a generic one with nothing to distinguish it apart from the rest, chances are it will be overlooked or trashed.

So if you have anything unique in your history, it is worth considering it to be included. Of course, if you have particular qualifications that are required for the role, then you’re already ahead of the game.

After you’ve put it together, don’t be afraid to ask a member of your family or a friend whose opinion you value to check it out and offer their opinion. There is some extra information to help you here.


How Should I Dress for an Interview?

Whatever job interview you attend, it is always best practice to try and look the part. If you are in two minds which outfit to wear, choose the smarter one because a potential employer will always prefer to see that you’ve made the effort.

Remember that first impressions are paramount so take time with your appearance. If money is tight and your chosen outfit needs to be cleaned, then Timpsons are offering to dry clean it free of charge for that very occasion.        

How Should I Conduct Myself in an Interview?  

It is important to be as well prepared as you can as this will help you relax. Think of it more as a meeting or speaking to someone over a lunch that maybe a mutual friend may have introduced you to and try to act naturally. For further steps on how to behave watch this short video.

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