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Why Short Term Loans Make More Sense than Ever

Written By On 25/11/2015

The payday loan industry has been around for quite some time. But the industry has seen a few major changes in recent months and years. In fact, we think that new regulations have made it such that payday loans/short term loans, make more sense in 2015 than they ever have before. Unfortunately, a few less-than-scrupulous…Read More…

The Benefits Associated with Short Term Borrowing

Written By On 4/11/2015

Short term borrowing often comes under fire in the media, but is it as detrimental to one’s financial health as some would have us believe? In a nutshell, no! Short term borrowing offers some surprising benefits, but only if the borrower exhibits sensible borrowing behaviour, which many borrowers, unfortunately, do not. It can’t be denied…Read More…

Grabbing a Bargain on eBay with a Payday Loan

Written By On 1/9/2015

Borrowing money to buy something frivolous is seldom a good idea but what if you have the chance to snap up a genuine bargain and save far more than a short-term loan would cost you in interest? If this is the case, it could well be worth investigating the finance options that are available to…Read More…

Budget in Need of Balancing? Handy Budgeting and Spending Tips

Written By On 18/8/2015

Budgeting is hardly a fun pastime. Still, with the level of new debt reaching the highest levels the country has seen for seven years, it suffices to say that many individuals and households across the UK need to budget more carefully. Many consumers are now far too reliant on credit. Sure, there are times when…Read More…

Taking a Spontaneous Short Summer Break

Written By On 6/8/2015

Most people plan their holidays weeks or even months in advance but what about those times when a deal too good to be true presents itself at the last minute? Do you pass it over because you haven’t planned every last detail or do you throw caution to the wind and take off on a…Read More…

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