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10 Reasons to be Cheerful in the Worst Week of the Year

Written By On 21/1/2015

Why is this week supposedly considered to be the most dispirited few days of the year? Well, the fact that this is the poorest time of the year for most households is definitely a major reason, but there are other factors that would also contribute to these findings. Christmas and the New Year has ended and that…Read More…

New Year, New Job, New You? 

Written By On 17/1/2015

Tired or fed up of your existing job, or just looking for that first opportunity to help you step on the ladder after leaving school or college?  Well it just so happens that now is the perfect time to search for that ideal vacancy that you’ve been waiting for. Why is Now Such a Great…Read More…

Upcycling Clothes from Your Wardrobe and Charity Shops

Written By On 14/1/2015

I have just left university quite recently so  have been very used to living on a shoestring budget throughout my years as a student. My passion is fashion and I love to be as unique as I can for the most competitive prices. Therefore when I was asked to contribute to this blog, I couldn’t say no! With the…Read More…

LIFEHACKS: Innovative Ways to Make Do and Mend

Written By On 10/1/2015

It’s January and everyone’s feeling the pinch. We really don’t want to spend anything on stuff we don’t have to right now, but there’s always something that needs doing. But maybe it’s worth considering another alternative and we can fix these items ourselves. Therefore I’ve put together my own ‘make do and mend master class’ and have chosen…Read More…

What are your prospects for a pay rise this year?

Written By On 7/1/2015

Well here we are at that time of the year, when we are all having to get our head around returning to work once again. It feels depressing for some of us, has comparisons to a hangover for others and is a combination of both for most! But what choice do we have? We check…Read More…

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