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What are your prospects for a pay rise this year?

Written By On 7/1/2015

Well here we are at that time of the year, when we are all having to get our head around returning to work once again. It feels depressing for some of us, has comparisons to a hangover for others and is a combination of both for most! But what choice do we have? We check…Read More…

Breaking Bad (habits) this New Year 

Written By On 2/1/2015

It’s that time of the year again. Once more we make those new year’s resolutions with all good intent at the time, but struggle more and more to keep to them as time elapses. So why is it so hard to not break a promise that we make to ourselves? A resolution that we know is…Read More…

Got the music in you?

Written By On 30/12/2014

As New Year’s Eve approaches (only tomorrow), this article reviews six free music services/websites and we explain how savers can listen to their favourite classic and contemporary music alike without having to pay through the nose.  Spotify   In recent years Spotify has probably become one of the best known avenues for free or very reasonably priced…Read More…

What Christmas Leftovers are Safe to Feed Our Pets?

Written By On 29/12/2014

It is quite usual for your pets to put on some extra weight over the winter months because of the cold and wet weather conditions affecting their outdoor exercise. Even more so over the festive season when they may be fed some of the Christmas leftovers. But extra pounds on dogs and cats can cause…Read More…

Merry Christmas. Don’t be Alarmed if You Need Us on the Other Side

Written By On 25/12/2014

Payday loans have suffered a lot of bad press, but the FCA have helped to clean up the industry that has earned itself such a bad reputation in the past. Hopefully the tighter regulations will give consumers more confidence should they wish to take out a short term loan. After comparison website conducted a…Read More…

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