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Saving Money on Five Christmas Essentials

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Family eating Christmas dinner

The roast meat joint 

Local farm shops are branching up all over the place and if you have one within your vicinity but have not been there, or even not visited for a while, now is the time to go. You will probably be surprised at how much they stock and how competitive they are.

They have a lot less overheads than supermarkets and have got very wise to the fact that many people are choosing to go back to their roots. Consumers prefer to buy more natural home grown and organic produce. Even if you don’t buy any meat from there, it is well worth a look to check out their prices on other interesting items they may have.

Local butchers are obviously very knowledgeable about the best value cuts of meat to choose. Definitely worth a visit to find out what they have to offer.

And of course, if you want to take a chance to grab a real bargain and wait until Christmas eve, supermarkets and shops will drastically reduce the prices on their turkeys. They have not got enough time left in which to sell them and it literally becomes ‘dead stock’ to them which is worthless.

You will more than likely be able to still buy one, but there is a risk that they may be sold out.

The wine

It is more advisable to buy the wine well before the lead up to Christmas, but it is a bit late for that now. Wine is almost always cheaper when you buy more than one bottle at a time. There are good deals online when buying at least a case of six bottles

Have you ever thought of trying out boxed wine? Wines packed in this way have improved tremendously over the last few years. Suppliers have also become aware that the public are now more conscious about the environment in which we live and therefore prefer to buy it in this form. Wines packaged and priced this way compare much more favourably than bottled.

Expensive does not always mean better! Many wines can be purchased at no more than £5 per bottle, especially with the offers that are always around – reds, rosés or whites. However you may need to be a bit more choosy when picking a cheaper white. It helps if you remember or recognise names you’ve enjoyed in the past.

The Christmas crackers

Don’t get carried away by thinking that it is important to have a great gift inside your Christmas crackers. It is just a bit of fun and an accessory to help dress your dinner table and the festive tradition. Supermarkets will always have an economy priced version or even mini ones. Again, it is very likely that shops will reduce them heavily on Christmas eve.

Mince Pies

If you’re anything like me, you will love a mince pie! Some of the best ones I have  ever tasted are the supermarkets’ own brands including their economy ones. It is personal taste, but once served to your family and friends on a plate outside of it’s original packaging, nobody is any the wiser to which ones they are. Presently Tesco’s have some very nice mince pies on offer at £1 for 6 that I’ve tried myself.

Christmas Music

If you don’t own a Christmas CD there is no need to worry. Nowadays with the array of variety there is at our fingertips, it is not necessary to bother to buy one. You can sign up for a free trial on Spotify on the internet and they have just about any song you could ever wish for. Another option is to build a playlist at YouTube.

Alternatively many radio stations will be playing random Christmas songs throughout the festive season. If you have Sky, you can even play it through the radio channels.

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