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Up-cycling furniture

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If you are looking to buy furniture there are ways to save a lot of money by picking up cheap pieces from the right places. Being frugal can be a very rewarding experience in more ways than one. It is advantageous for many reasons, not least saving a fortune. 

The stock that a lot of furniture stores sell can quite often be generic and you may struggle to find much difference from one company or manufacturer to another. Even if you do find something you like, there’s a probably a fairly good chance that somebody within your circle, be it a friend or a relative will have very similar.


However, that does offer a chance to step out your comfort zone and be a little more unique. With the right mindset you can create your own blend of style to a particular piece of furniture by making it that bit more personal and individual to you.  

What is up-cycling?

Up-cycling is the art of transforming a tired piece of furniture that may be ready for the scrap heap into something beautiful and useful. An old door can make a lovely table top or headboard, an odd piece of old wood may make a great shelf or a colander may come in handy to use as a fabulous light shade for a bedroom.

Upcyclethat is a site worth looking at for some interesting ideas and Upcyclist is another that could inspire you. 

As the idiom says: ‘one person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure’. You’ll be amazed what you may be able to come across for free at freecycle 


Where’s the best places to search?

Even though antique shops and salvage yards have got wise to the fact that this trend is becoming ever increasingly popular, you can still find a bargain browsing around flea markets, charity shops, house auctions or online at eBay. Charity shops that are located in more affluent areas can tend to receive better quality donations including designer products. 

What are the points to watch out for?

When you are searching for that ideal piece of the jigsaw to make an impact in your home, do not be put off by the colour or accessories. They can easily be altered as can the finish, but it is paramount to pay attention to the shape because that will stay much the same. You may be fortunate to pick up a classic design, but simple clean lines are easy to work with.

Remember that wooden pieces can be easily stripped back to be varnished or painted. So you may be able to pick up different pieces and not necessarily from the same purchaser, but you will still be able to make them look as though they belong together because they match.


What’s the best times to hunt for them?

Weekends is likely to be the time that new pieces are dropped off to add to the shop’s collection. The good stuff will be grabbed quickly so it makes sense to try and pop in regularly. It does no harm to get friendly with the staff and ask them to keep an eye out for what you’re looking for. That way they might give you a call if they think something might be of interest. 

Most older pieces of furniture are much more solid than the more modern stuff. They often include solid materials such as metal and wood, as opposed to the more flimsy ones such as MDF (medium-density fibreboard) and plywood. Even more expensive modern pieces tend to have these types of material used somewhere within the less visible areas of the item.


Are there any other simple ideas?

Sofas and armchairs can be re-upholstered if need be or buy a throw at a bargain price to cover an existing sofa to update a room. You can make a unique cushion cover by utilising an old T-shirt or jumper you no longer wear. Maybe just adding a contrasting piece such as an old rocking chair that you repaint will give that room the lift it requires. 

Changing the door handles on a unit and spray painting a side lamp or a wooden picture frame can brighten a room. Accessorise a room just the same as you would do with your clothing. It is inexpensive and very effective. 

That old adage ‘a lick of paint’ for walls, doors and furniture will refresh your room and Homebase will accept nectar card points as payment.

Resanding and resealing a wooden floor will create a dramatic effect and make an instant transformation.

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