Representative APR 1270% (variable)- Interest 292% pa (fixed)

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Will I Qualify?

The only criteria needed is that you are at least 18 years of age, a citizen in the UK and hold a bank account there that has a direct debit facility which receives a monthly wage of at least 400.

What rates do you charge?

We match you to one of our online lenders, so please be aware that the rates may vary between each individual one. The average variable APR of 1192% should give a fair rate reflection. This can sound quite high as it represents the rate over twelve months, but remember that a payday loan is a short term loan. For example, 200 borrowed for 28 days, interest charged is 44.80 making the total amount payable 244.80.

Are there any hidden fees?

Paydayloan123 charge no hidden fees when applying for a loan through us. We are a free loan matching service. Paydayloan123 will receive a commission from the lender if a loan is approved.

What is a loan matching service?

We pair up the applicant wishing to apply for a payday loan with a suitable lender from our lending panel. If that particular lender approves your application, then they will provide the applicanr with the opportunity of entering a loan agreement with them. Please look at all the criteria that the lender provides to help you make an informed decision before entering into an agreement. Be comfortable that you are taking out the correct loan for your circumstances.

What if there are problems paying the loan back?

A Payday loan should only be taken if you have the means to pay it back in the short term when your next monthly salary is due. Each lender on our panel have their own loan agreement terms and conditions. Therefore, the consequences of non-payment dependant on the lender may include: Affecting your credit rating which will make it more difficult for you to obtain credit in the future or having to pay extra deferral or default fees to the lender. Paying extra interest charges for extending the term of the loan period. Sending reports to a credit reference agency. Therefore if you think you may have problems paying the loan back in time it is very important that you contact the lender directly as soon as possible.

Do Paydayloan123 Comform to Responsible Lending ?

PaydayLoan123 have a panel of over 30 lenders, all of whom are legally bound contractually to Responsible Lending They will perform due diligence when deciding any loan application. This will include evaluating each applicant on their own merits as to whether they will be able to afford the loan, showing all loan documents and agreements clearly and transparently, plus clear and simple forms of communication.

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