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Changes to Background Checks

Written By On 30/03/2013

The home office have announced that they are to remove any old or minor criminal convictions and cautions from people's records. Any adults that have been given a non custodial sentence will have their conviction wiped away after eleven years and minors will be five years and six months.

In 2013 over four million criminal records check were searched for and most of them were employers. This will help many people looking for employment as their background check should show up clear providing they've stayed out of trouble for the given period. The majority that it will have a bearing on are public servants including doctors, nurses, carers and teachers.

This has all come about because of an incident concerning a 21 year old adult that had to expose a couple of police cautions he received at the age of eleven. It was brought to light by the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Corinna Ferguson represented the group by saying

For too long, irrelevant and unreliable information provided under the criminal records system has blighted people's lives.

The good thing is background nor full credit checks come into the equation when applying for a payday loan with most lenders. They will simply look at your current situation to make sure they feel confident in the advance being repaid on the due date.

Criminal Information's minister Lord Taylor commented by adding

Criminal records checks are an important tool for employers to use in making informed safeguarding decisions. This new system of checks strikes a balance between ensuring that children and vulnerable groups are protected and avoiding intrusion into people's lives.

It is planned that from now on the Criminal Records Bureau, who's title has now changed to the Disclosure and Barring Service, will run a check, and cautions will be removed from adults' records after six years, whereas they will be removed from juveniles that offend after two. However this will not affect sexual and violent crimes or anyone who has had a conviction that has led to a jail sentence.