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Cut Christmas Stress

Written By On 18/11/2013

Why not think about making a practical new year's resolution for a change one you may be able to adhere to. Oh yes, and at at the same time, maybe it may be useful to think of one that can reduce the money pressures that Christmas brings you know, help alleviate life's stress.

We are all guilty, each and every year, of overspending on our loved ones thinking that it makes them happy. The end result? We're not happy and our short tempered vibes are passed onto those very ones that we love and wanted to make happy in the first place!

So why not change all that and start our new year's resolution early. Let's do something that deep down we know is practical and sensible. Let's cut down on the amounts we spend for those seasonal presents and make a budget that works for our pockets, and not get carried away trying to buy things that we simply cannot afford.

We cannot cut down on the necessities, the essentials such as food and maybe clothing for growing children or sudden temperature changes.

But how many times do we buy a present for the sake of it - something that is overpriced, but we'll acquire it anyway, knowing that it probably will not even be appreciated. We might even extend credit that we cannot really afford just to buy it too!

Often, the ridiculous thing also, is that the recipient of the gift normally feels that they too need to do the same to reciprocate. And the snowball effect is ongoing.

In this present environment, with most people feeling the pinch of trying to pay their everyday bills and paying off their loans, it makes sense to have a quiet pre-Christmas word with family and friends. You may just be pleasantly surprised with the outcome and be able to compromise.

And who knows? Maybe this new year can be a happier start with less money pressures.