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Keep Expenses Down

Written By On 06/01/2014

The new year is upon us and for many the bills come rolling in as always. But what makes it harder to pay those costs is the extra expenses we dished out in the month of December.

Now is the time to start off on the right foot and don't begin the year by trying to cope with more debt than you can handle. It is paramount to be as prudent possible be or else the months ahead will become unbearably stressful.

As hard as it may be to face, try and sit down and check your monthly outgoings. Are they all necessary or are there some you can do without? If so, make them completely redundant and use those funds elsewhere.

Birthday presents for example can be an extra expense you may struggle with. Chances are, whoever you are buying them for feels the same and some may be quite willing to come to a mutual arrangement. Therefore it might be worth having a word with the nearest and sometimes dearest in the wrong sense of the word!

Utilities, council tax, rent or mortgage are commodities you cannot really cut down on, but you'll be amazed what you can reduce if you put your mind to it.

When it comes to insurances of any description, don't cancel them if they are needed, but it is often worth speaking to your insurance company to ask if there's any ways to bring the price down. You'll be surprised at the results just for the price and time of a phone call.

Mobile phone tariffs is something to look into. Do you really get full use out of yours, or can you cut back on certain criteria to bring the monthly fees down?

Make sure you have no overdue charges on anything, and if you do, pay off the ones with the highest interest rates first.

Take a deep breath and try and think clearly without getting caught up in the thick fog of extra unnecessary financial stress. There is always free advisory help at hand with organisations such as Citizen's Advice or Nationaldebtline .