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Parents Struggle Through Summer Holidays

Written By On 23/08/2013

In a poll across the United Kingdom, nearly half of the parents that were asked said that they have got major financial issues on how they will cope with their children over the summer holidays.

YouGov, the internet market research company conducted the survey on behalf of the Salvation Army.

They report that the figures show more than four out of ten parents on smaller incomes are struggling just to provide the basics whilst their kids are off from school. This is not just worries about the costs involved in occupying them in having fun so they don't get bored, but simple things like food and clothes.

A similar amount of parents said they would not have enough money to even take their families away on a short break within Britain. Some commented that they had taken a short term loan to help or were thinking about it.

Economic experts have been reacting positively by stronger output figures and have been forecasting improvements. And it was only a few weeks ago in July that studies showed that people were the most hopeful about their financial future than they had been within the last five years.

But this contradicts recent stories of strong economic growth and the Salvation Army said that this shows how many parents are being stretched financially throughout the school summer holidays.

According to the YouGov research, parents in Wales were finding life over the summer holidays the toughest closely followed by families in the Midlands. They both recorded figures of around half of them struggling.

The Salvation Army’s Major Denise Cooper commented

This shows just how difficult parents can find the summer months when their children are not at school. We see that increased costs such as providing extra food for children as well as keeping them entertained and buying new school uniforms just adds pressure financially.