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Prepare Against Mobile Phone Bill Shocks

Written By On 02/04/2013

Ofcom approved company, who specialise in conducting surveys for mobile phones, have just released some astounding figures that may not come as a surprise to everyone.

Each mobile network offers various types of contracts that can make choosing the correct one very confusing. Most of us comprehend the usage of phone minutes and text allowance, but it's not so easy to know how much data we should choose to sign up for. To keep costs down the best option may be to pick one with a limited amount of data, even though it may be better to play it safe and get unlimited.

There have even been reports of how a missed mobile phone payment has affected people's credit ratings which in turn had an impact on their loan or mortgage applications.

Dr Stelios Koundouros who conducted the study on behalf of Billmonitor says

People are really afraid to go over their allowance so they pick a contract they feel covers them no matter what. Mobile price plans become significantly expensive if you exceed your allowance. People try to avoid that, but end up overshooting and that means wasting significant money on line rental.

Their website reports that last year, approximately 50% of smartphone users they checked had signed up for an allowance of 600 phone minutes of usage, but used no more than 200 of them. Founder Dr Koundouros adds

Data use is on the increase. We've observed that the longer you have a smartphone the more data you consume. Over the last 12 months average data usage has increased from 200MB to 280MB.

We as a society check our emails more, use social media much more and often attach a picture or want to look at a video, and Eldar Tuvey, CEO of Wandera and Snappli verifies this. He said

Data is now 43% of the total bill, Some people expect it to be 70% in a couple of years' time. Others think it will go to 100% as voice moves over to data through apps like Facetime, text moves to data through Whatsapp and other messaging apps. Soon your whole bill will be data. A lawyer in Dubai watched the Formula 1 Grand Prix for two hours and came back with a bill that I think was £14,000. We are trying to eliminate that sort of shock.

You can go to bill monitor for the complete smartphone report.