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The Christmas Present Struggle

Written By On 11/12/2013

Debt management company Payplan conducted a research study revealing staggering figures. Not far short of fifty per cent of festive purchasers are intending to buy their presents this season from second hand or charity outlets.

Christmas shoppers are having to wise up with so many of them experiencing financial hardship. More and more are needing to use credit cards or some type of short term loan in order to survive.

The report shows that more than one in three people choose not to, or are not able to put any money aside for Christmas presents, so therefore have no alternative.

Payplan report that they have had in excess of forty thousand pleas for help within the last year. Therefore it was no surprise to them that prospective Christmas customers are turning to these kinds of shops to see them through their tough times.

Jason Eaves, the company director said,

Families on a low income operate on tight household budgets and are therefore more susceptible to debt becoming a problem.

He also added that families from the middle income bracket are also being affected more now also, because many of them are now struggling to find work.

There is no doubt that in recent times more charity shops and second hand outlets are opening on our high streets, so it makes sense that that is a fair indication of what the public require.

They have been criticised in the past for causing 'High Street decline', but others believe different to that and feel it has helped in so many other ways. Some of the positive feedback is relating to helping unemployment and fighting social segregation.

The details of the study also revealed that the most popular item being bought as a Christmas present from these lower priced shops is a book.